The Association
The Association is a private group of people making money to help the world.

We provide our members
lifetime Residual Income Streams

Refer others and receive an instant lifetime residual income

  This may be the best referral program there is. You are referring people to this amazing program and getting paid every month for the rest of your life for it. The best part is, after the initial signup bonus you get, the money does not come from your referrals pockets.

Make money when we give things away.

  We have access to one of the fastest and largest growing databases there is and we have partnered up with some amazing companies paying us to give things away for them. This has the potential to bring in huge amounts of money!

Our largest source will be from projects we fund.

  The association is basically a private crowd funding group. $15 of your earnings are taken out each month to pay for our referral program, and invest in new projects in exchange for a piece of their profits. What makes this one so special is the deal we have for our first project. We have a deal with Yiggiy for 10% of all profits from their first 7 ventures.

Current Projects

Yiggiy Tournaments

Yiggiy tournaments are free to play but don't let that fool you. These tournaments have real prizes and very short routes to success.
This project is currently in beta mode, phase 1.
Yiggiy Tournaments

Yiggiy Sportsbook

Yiggiy has developed by far the best sportsbook ever. They encompass fantasy sports, handicapping contests, free horse wagers, free game wagers, survivor, and march madness brackets.
Yiggiy Sportsbook

The Life Changing Challenge

Hilarious, addictive, rewarding, free to play, and you still don't know the best part. Play the Life Changing Challenge today.
The Life Changing Challenge

Steal The Deal

The most amazing and exciting shopping game ever. Deals are up for grabs and the winner doesn't pay us, they give 100% of the deal to THEIR chosen charity. It doesn't get any better than this.
Coming this summer!

The FUNdraising Mall

No matter what you are shopping for, your first visit needs to be the FUNdraising Mall. There are bargains, links to everything, prizes, and best of all, money for charity.
The FUNdraising Mall

Yiggiy Blackjack

Our top notch IT team is currently building our own proprietary blackjack tournament software. It will work on all devices, be free to play, reward players with world record prizes, and best of all make a lot of money.
Coming this May!
Yiggiy Blackjack

All about the Association.

The Good

There are a total of 4000 positions in the Association, producing $40,000 per month in investment capital to fund profitable projects that are designed to make a difference in the world.

There are 6 projects being funded right now and all 6 will be launched this year, starting with Yiggiy Blackjack in May.

These projects have huge potential and only one needs to work to make every member of the Association a Millionaire.

All membership dues come from the profits produced, or not at all.

The Bad

There are only a few positions left.

There are only two ways to benefit from these 6 projects as an investor.

They haven't paid a penny yet.

We take $15 every month from your profits for your membership dues.

A recorded webinar about The Association