About The Association

We are a private CrowdFunding Club

We fund worthy projects for a percent of the profits.
We are currently funding 6 projects.
These projects have HUGE potential.
We will constantly fund new projects.
The value of a position in the Association will constantly grow.

Check out the projections

We are an affiliate marketing group

We market winning CPA options to our collective network.
Each member is connected to a network of others.
We combine everyone's small network together to create a large network.
Our large network grows as marketing and others bring in new people.
The entire Yiggiy Network is available to the Association

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How this works.

The members of "The Association" each pay a $15 monthly membership fee to help fuel projects that can turn us a profit and benefit society. With 4000 positions, we generate $40,000 every month to invest in sound projects that will benefit us and the world. The first six projects have been funded and should soon make all of The Association members a profit over and above their membership dues. In fact, the projections for these projects can be found on our Projections Page and will show that The Association has the potential to make all of it's members a substantial income.